What Is the Definition of Meteorology?


Meteorology can be defined as the branch of science that is concerned with the processes as well as phenomena of the atmosphere. It is mostly used to determine the weather prediction.
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meteorological is a bad thing.
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( ′med·ē·ə·rə′läj·ə·kəl ) (meteorology) Of or pertaining to meteorology or weather.
Forensic Meteorology is the analyzing of previous meteorological events to determine if the weather played a role in a specific event such as say an airliner crashing or hail causing
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the science dealing with the atmosphere and its phenomena, including weather and climate.
the atmospheric conditions and weather of an area.
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A weather forecaster that you see on television is known as a Meteorologist. Meteorology is the study of climate change and weather. This is a science that has become more and more accurate through the use of satellites.
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