What is the definition of motion?


Motion refers to several ideas, including the process of changing position, the active operation or ability to move, a musical pitch, a court order or judicial proposal. In physics, motion is the perpetual change in an object. Within the body, motion refers to a manner of moving, such as the gait or a gesture.

Going through the motions indicates an insincere effort to mimic actions. The intent to proceed with a course of action is indicated by setting the wheels in motion. Parliamentary procedure moves forth on a motion or formal proposal which is discussed on a debate or voted upon in a meeting.

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the action or process of moving or of changing place or position; movement.
power of movement, as of a living body.
the manner of moving the body in walking; gait.
a bodily movement or change of posture; gesture.
a proposal formally made to a deliberative assembly: to make a motion to adjourn.
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