Definition of Muscular Endurance?


Muscular Endurance refers to the body's ability to continue using muscular strength and endure repeated contractions for an extended period of time. Muscular endurance is essential in exercise and when doing heavy tasks as it allows the muscles to perform for long periods of time without becoming tired.
Q&A Related to "Definition of Muscular Endurance?"
Muscular endurance is very important for people playing sports and who have to sustain an activity for long periods of time. Muscular endurance is determined by how well your slow
For the extremely inert, it is possible that muscular atrophy will begin to set in, a process by which the muscles of the body begin to waste away from under-use. Our bodies respond
Different sports require different levels of muscular endurance. While
Muscular endurance: the ability of muscles to keep working at the desired level of effort for as long as the situation demands. Muscular Strength: How much the muscle can do in one
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