What is numismatics?


Numismatic is as adjective that describes that of relating to, or consisting of coins, paper currency and medals. It is the science of money including currency, coins, tokens and inscribed bars.
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Numismatics has been around since ancient times. The design and value of a coin is determined by the government and the citizens that use it as currency on a daily basis. Numismatists
Numismatics is the collection and study of money (and coins in particular). ChaCha early and
Numismatics deal with various kinds of money/currencies from all over the world. This is usually an hobby rather than profession. Collecting different types of currencies can also
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[noo-miz-mat-ik, -mis-, nyoo-]
of, pertaining to, or consisting of coins, medals, paper money, etc.
pertaining to numismatics.
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