What is numismatics?


Numismatic is as adjective that describes that of relating to, or consisting of coins, paper currency and medals. It is the science of money including currency, coins, tokens and inscribed bars.
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Numismatics has been around since ancient times. The design and value of a coin is determined by the government and the citizens that use it as currency on a daily basis. Numismatists
A Numismatic collects many things. A Numismatic collects forms of currency. The types of currency that numismatics usually collect include items such as tokens, paper money, and coins
We define the word typography as writing printed characters on the page and preparations for that text. The act of getting the text ready for printing.
business strike is a coin struck for the purpose of becoming circulating coinage; a coin meant for commerce, rather than for collectors. Contrasted with Proof coins , which are struck
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[noo-miz-mat-ik, -mis-, nyoo-]
of, pertaining to, or consisting of coins, medals, paper money, etc.
pertaining to numismatics.
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