What is an example of a crime of omission?


The word omission has a number of meanings in different fields. The word can refer to something that has been neglected or omitted. In criminal law, the word will constitute an actus reus and it will give rise to liability merely when the law obliges a duty to act and the defendant is in a breach of that duty. In Catholic teachings, it refers to a failure to do something a person can and ought to do.
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Omission is defined as the act of omitting.
omissive: characterized by omissions
Lying by omission means allowing another person to believe something to be true that one believes is false, or allowing them to believe something is false when it is really true.
[ōmish′ən] Etymology: L, omittere, to neglect (in law) intentional or unintentional neglect to fulfill a duty required by law.
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the act of omitting.
the state of being omitted.
something left out, not done, or neglected: an important omission in a report.
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