What Is the Definition of Oranges?


Orange refers to a round, reddish-yellow, edible citrus fruit or any of several trees or fruits that resemble an orange. The term also refers to a bright colour that is between yellow and red in the spectrum.
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[awr-inj, or-]
a globose, reddish-yellow, bitter or sweet, edible citrus fruit.
any white-flowered, evergreen citrus trees of the genus Citrus, bearing this fruit, as C. aurantium (bitter orange, Seville orange, or sour orange) and C. sinensis (sweet orange) cultivated in warm countries.
any of several other citrus trees, as the trifoliate orange.
any of several trees or fruits resembling an orange.
a color between yellow and red in the spectrum, an effect of light with a wavelength between 590 and 610 nm; reddish yellow.
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Oranges is the plural term for the word orange which is an edible citrus fruit that is reddish yellow and can be either be bitter or sweet to the taste. The term orange can also be used to describe the tree that produces these fruits.
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