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Ordination is the process of preparation for conferring holy orders on a person. There are three levels of ordinations which are; being a deacon, then priest and finally a bishop. There is a different ordination process in different church denominations.
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Ecclesiastical the act or ceremony of ordaining.
the fact or state of being ordained.
a decreeing.
the act of arranging.
the resulting state; disposition; arrangement.
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Ordination is the status of being ordained to a sacred office. When an individual's ordination takes place, they are made a member of the clergy. Ordination of women is a controversial issue but the Church of England has been appointing women lay leaders since as early as the First World War.
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Ordinance: 1: an authoritative rule 2: a statute enacted by
ordination: the status of being ordained to a sacred office; logical or comprehensible arrangement of separate elements; the act of ordaining
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