What is the definition of "overt aggression"?


"Overt aggression" refers to open or observable acts of aggression or violence. It can be verbal or physical, such as threats, insults, bullying or assaults. An example of overt aggression is causing or threatening to inflict physical injury to someone.

Males typically engage in overt aggression while females resort to relational aggression or covert bullying, such as spreading rumors, excluding a person from an activity or damaging one's reputation. According to the National Institutes of Health, even though men often demonstrate physical aggression, they are also more victimized than girls while girls are more covertly bullied compared to boys. Nevertheless, both men and women remember acts of overt aggressions more than relational aggression.

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Covert means hidden, covered or secret; overt means out in the open, revealed, obvious.
Overt aggression would be open or unconcealed aggression. Thanks and !
overt: open and observable
The lamp picture comes to mind.
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[oh-vurt, oh-vurt]
open to view or knowledge; not concealed or secret: overt hostility.
Heraldry. (of a device, as a purse) represented as open: a purse overt.
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