What Is the Definition of Oxidation?


Oxidation is the result of the loss of one or more atoms when substances make contact. A simple example of this s when water and air contact iron. The result, over time, is that the iron forms oxidation that we know as rust. You can find more information here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Redox
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the process or result of oxidizing.
the deposit that forms on the surface of a metal as it oxidizes.
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Oxidation is a chemical process of combination and resulting reaction of any substances with oxygen. It involves the loss off at least one electron when two or more substances interact
Iron Oxide is a bunch of chemical reation that may explode surtan things like cars. Or other things that can be explosive. Becca Dorzback.
It refers to the coupling of the electron transport chain to ATP
ferric oxide: a red oxide of iron
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An oxide is a binary compound of an element or radical with oxygen. Examples of oxides include water, carbon dioxide and silicon dioxide. Oxides are usually named ...
The term oxid is the initial spelling for the word oxide. An oxide is a binary compound of an atom or radical with oxygen. The term oxid was derived from the French ...
Oxidation is a term used in chemistry to reference a common chemical reaction which is as a result of combining oxygen with various elements and compounds. Oxidation ...
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