What is the definition of "pence"?


Pence refer to British bronze coins whose monetary value is one-hundredth of a pound. The term also refers to one cent coins whose value is equal to one-hundredth of a dollar.
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It means that "He" is not very clever, or, he is a dope, or, he is a bit slow - he is only ten pence to the shilling (of 12 pence) Variations to this saying are many. Also
(pĕns) n. Chiefly British A plural of penny (sense 2).
Pence is to pick up or meet up at a particular location and time to...
A British 2002 50 Pence coin (Proof FDC), uncirculated and in absolute mint condition could fetch up to £3 GBP. A British 2002 50 Pence coin (Proof in gold FDC), uncirculated
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a plural of penny; used in referring to a sum of money rather than to the coins themselves (often used in combination): sixpence; The fare was 15 pence.
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