What is the Definition of Pine Nut?


Pine nuts are the edible seeds of any of several species of pines from the family Pinaceae. They are also called Indian nuts and pignolies.
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pine nut
the seed of any of several pine trees, as the piñon, eaten roasted or salted or used in making candy, pastry, etc., after removing the hard seed coat.
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Pine nuts come from the pine tree and are the edible seed of the pine cones. There are only about 20 species of pines that will produce large enough seeds that are worth harvesting.
pine nut: edible seed of any of several nut pines especially some pinons of southwestern North America
1. Place the pine nut on a terry cloth and use a rolling pin to remove the shell from the nut. Roll the rolling pin back and forth over the towel. This motion should cause the shell
1 Identify your pine species, http: //www.pinenut.com/pictureguide.htm - some species of pine nuts are not to be shelled with your teeth. 2 Put a nut in your mouth, between your back
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Pine nuts refer to the seeds of various pine tree species that are usually edible. Examples are pinions, which are native to south-western parts of North America ...
Pine nuts are actually the seeds of the pine tree. The seeds are usually obtained by picking them out of the typical pine cone. There are a lot of types of pine ...
Pine nuts are a type of seed and therefore they are not nuts. They are also edible and the ones that are mainly harvested in Europe are from the Stone Pine and ...
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