What Is the Definition of Police Discretion?


Police discretion refers to the authority granted to a police officer that allows him to decide how best to deal with a certain situation. This is aimed at increasing the flexibility of the justice system as punishment may not always be the appropriate mode of dealing with crimes. Discretion may empower a police officer to overlook a minor offense giving the offender a warning.
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Discrete - distinct from others; separate; individual Sentence - An apple and a stone are discrete objects.
Police can arrest people easily, They can use their discretion rather than
Entrapment occurs when the police (1) suggest to the perpetrator that he commit the offense, and (2) the perpetrator was not predisposed to commit the offense. Example: assuming you're
Discretion can be described as official action taken by criminal justice professionals based on their individual judgments. The American Bar Foundation's "discovery" of
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