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The word radius has different meanings depending on what you are interested in. For instance, it can refer to the straight line from the centre of a circle or sphere to its circumference. It can also mean the corresponding bone in the foreleg of a vertebrate or a bird's wing.
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If you draw a line from one side of a circle to the other, and that line hits the center, and goes all the way across, it is the diameter. half of that line going from the center
31 pm. This is not correct the best answer for helium would be 0.0 or n/a. Helium also has no covalent radius. The atomic volume of helium is 31.8.
the plural is radii
4/3 pi x radius^3. Read as, "four thirds of pi R cubed.
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a straight line extending from the center of a circle or sphere to the circumference or surface: The radius of a circle is half the diameter.
the length of such a line.
any radial or radiating part.
a circular area having an extent determined by the length of the radius from a given or specified central point: every house within a radius of 50 miles.
a field or range of operation or influence.
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A line that joins the center of a circle or sphere with any point on the circumference. Also, radius is one half of the diameter of a circle.
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