What is the definition of "scopes"?


Scopes can be defined as an area or subject matter that something deals with or to which it is relevant. In project management, scope is defined as describing clearly and gain agreement on the logical boundaries of your project.
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Parallax is the visual difference of position and/or orientation of an object when it is perceived from two separate lines of sight. Parallax in rifle scopes manifests as the reticle
S.C.O.P.E.S is an abbreviation of : STUDENTS CREATING OWNERSHIP PRACTICING EVERYDAY SCIENCE S C O P E S . This form is known as ; Science Scopes.
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U.S. high-school teacher whose teaching of the Darwinian theory of evolution became a cause célèbre (Scopes Trial or Monkey Trial) in 1925.
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A scope is the extent of the region or subject matter to which it is relevant. It may also refer to numerous devices that have a name ending with the name scope such as telescope and microscope.
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