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Seaman can be defined as a person who works as a sailor especially one who is of the lowest rank. A synonym for this word is mariner. Seaman is also a black Newfoundland dog that became famous for being a member of the first American overland expedition from the Atlantic to the Pacific coast and back.
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a person skilled in seamanship.
a person whose trade or occupation is assisting in the handling, sailing, and navigating of a ship during a voyage, especially one below the rank of officer; sailor.
U.S. Navy and Coast Guard. an enlisted person ranking below petty officer.
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able-bodied seaman: a seaman in the merchant marine
SEAMAN. A sailor; a mariner; one whose business is navigation. 2 Boulay Paty, Dr. Com. 232; Code de Commerce art. 262; Laws of Oleron, art. 7; Laws of Wishuy, art. 19. The term seamen
Basically, if you earn your living at sea, you are a seaman. A person whose work is covered under the Longshore and Harbor Workers' Compensation Act may be treated as a Jones Act
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