What is spatial awareness?


Spatial awareness is defined as the ability to consciously understand the relationship of objects and structures in one's surroundings as it relates to one's own form. This is an early developmental skill that children begin to manifest as they begin recognizing their own physical shape.

On a broader scale, spatial awareness allows an individual to understand the placement and position of objects as well as recognize changes in their surroundings and how those changes impact their own movement and actions. Behavioral therapists help to nurture these traits in children by asking them to perform simple tasks that fundamentally alter their surroundings and then asking them to describe what has changed. Further exercises in developing spatial awareness include the drawing of pictures or the arranging of scale objects in a model.

Even in primary school simple activities can help children to improve their spatial awareness in a physical education setting. Understanding simple concepts like cause and effect as well as the relationship of force applied to an object and the resulting outcome can help children better understand how their environment behaves and reacts to their actions. Very developed spatial awareness is often referred to as spatial acuity, or the acute understanding of how the actions of others and movement of objects will impact the individual at a future point.

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Your ability to be spatially aware is dependent on a number sensory systems. Your visual system allows you to see and thus visually perceive your physical surroundings. Your vestibular
being aware of your surrondings and having a good sense of space in the area your are dancing in.
Spatial (adj) : pertaining to or involving or having the nature of space. Need
Being aware of your surroundings, teammates, opponents, goals, score, etc.
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