What Is the Definition of the Food Pyramid?


A food pyramid is defined as graphic representation of the food chain structure, which is used to show various forms predatory relationships. It can also be seen as a nutritional diagram that shows the principles of good nutrition. Fruits and vegetables are normally at the bottom of the pyramid which forms bulk of an healthy diet while fats and oils are found at the top.
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A food pyramid is a complex graph of all of the foods you are supposed to eat daily. At the bottom, it says to have 5 servings of wheat or bread, Above that, there is the fruit(2-
Food pyramids outline various food groups & choices that, if eaten
The orange section of the food pyramid represents grains. The grains category is further divided into whole grains and refined grains. According to the food pyramid guidelines, at
According to Wikipedia: " Organic foods. are foods that are produced using methods that do not involve modern synthetic inputs such as synthetic pesticides and chemical fertilizers
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What Is the Definition of the Food Pyramid?
The Definition of the Food Guide Pyramid is larger that you might think. It stems from years of research and experiments to determine how to show the public what a healthy diet looks like.... More »
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