What is the definition of "utilitarian individualism"?


According to the Sewanee University philosophy department, utilitarian individualism asserts that society benefits from contracts that individuals enter into for self-interest. It is used to explain the economic understanding of human existence and is based on the principle of utilitarianism, which emphasizes the importance of being useful or practical over other values, such as being attractive.

A key element of utilitarian individualism is the drive to succeed. According to this philosophy, success drives people or presents them with reasons to forge ahead on their own initiatives. This idealogical approach supports the idea of acquiring individual goods over societal goods. Another element of utilitarian individualism is the concept of freedom, according to the University of North Carolina. Freedom enables people to pursue self-interest with vigor. It is believed that once individuals are granted the freedom to pursue their interests, social goods are bound to automatically emerge.

Besides freedom and success, justice is another key factor of utilitarian individualism. It also increases a person's abilities and capacities to pursue and achieve self-interest, as it makes such pursuits more procedural than substantive. Thus freedom, success and justice are integral to individual utilitarianism, which should not be viewed as detrimental to communal and societal good.

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This philosophy judges everything in terms of its utility or
Answer Utilitarianism is a philosophical theory of morality and "how one should act". It states that one should act so as to maximize the amount of happiness in the world
Form of utilitarianism which abandons the attempt to measure utility in terms of the extent or duration or causes of happiness, and measures instead the satisfaction of desires or
utilitarian: having a useful function; having utility often to the exclusion of values
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pertaining to or consisting in utility.
having regard to utility or usefulness rather than beauty, ornamentation, etc.
of, relating to, or adhering to the doctrine of utilitarianism.
an adherent of utilitarianism.
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