What is the definition of vibration?


The definition of vibration is the steady movement or quiver of a figure. For example, you can put your phone on silent mode and it will give you a vibration when someone is calling. You can find more information here: http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/vibration
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Worn shocks can cause your transmission to vibrate. If you find your transmission and car start to vibrate during travel on uneven or bumpy roads, this is because your shocks no longer
Gravitational Energy.
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do you mean a dampener? A vibration dampener is something that goes on towards the bottom of the strings of a tennis racket to prevent the strings from vibrating and hurting one's
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the act of vibrating.
the state of being vibrated.
an instance of vibratory motion; oscillation; quiver; tremor.
a supernatural emanation, bearing good or ill, that is sensed by or revealed to those attuned to the occult.
Informal. a general emotional feeling one has from another person or a place, situation, etc.: I usually get good vibrations from him.
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