Definition of Warp and Weft?


Warp are threads that run the length of the fabric where as weft are threads that run from selvage to selvage across the width of the fabric. Weft is woven back and forth in the course of the warp to make fabric.
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THE WEAVER. _ _ B.M. Franklin. (1882-1965) My life is just a weaving. Between my Lord and me. I cannot choose the colors. He weaves so skillfully. Sometimes He weaveth sorrow. And
In tapestry weaving the warp threads are those which are vertical during weaving. The weft threads are those woven between the warps. It is the weft threads which define the pattern
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n uncontrolled torsional change of shape or outline, such as that which may occur in swaging sheet metal, in denture material, or in other materials exposed to varying temperatures.
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