Definition of Warp and Weft?


Warp are threads that run the length of the fabric where as weft are threads that run from selvage to selvage across the width of the fabric. Weft is woven back and forth in the course of the warp to make fabric.
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1. Select the project. Pick a project and determine the approximate size of the object, considering the hem and shrinkage. For example; if the project is a baby blanket projected
These are terms used in weaving. In weaving a series of parallel threads are set up on the loom. These are the warp. Another thread is woven between the threads of the warp which
The terms warp and weft are used in reference to textiles, specifically those which are
Dear Martin, Warp and weft are the weavers indications for the fabric direction. Warp is along the length as it is unrolled, and weft is across the width. You sometimes need to pay
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