Definition of Warp and Weft?


Warp are threads that run the length of the fabric where as weft are threads that run from selvage to selvage across the width of the fabric. Weft is woven back and forth in the course of the warp to make fabric.
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Warp (n) 1:a twist or aberration; especially a
Both are weaving terms describing the direction that fibers are attached to the loom. Those that attach to the loom vertically, the warp, are the fibers which run the entire length
The terms warp and weft are used in reference to textiles, specifically those that are woven. In the literal sense, they are the technical terms for the two types of thread used to
The terms "warp" and "weft" have to do with the rug's weave. Warp is the term used to describe the lengthwise thread when the rug is woven, while the weft refers
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