What is the definition of "world class customer service"?

Is there one definition? Does it vary depending on the context?


Rosanne Dausilio PhD (President, Human Technologies Global Inc)
Here's my working definition. Those activities provided by a company’s employees that enhance the ability of a customer to realize the full potential value of a product/service before and after the sale is made thereby leading to satisfaction and repurchase.
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1. Attracting and retaining customers is key to servicing them. Without customers, delivering world-class service is a moot point. To attract customers, a world-class customer service
Customer service is an art. Providing "world class" customer service is just
Doing your best to please a customer.
At its most basic level, Customer service is an organization's ability to supply their customers' wants and needs. But this definition leaves out the transactional nature of customer
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Nick poulos (Problem Solver, chrysalis marketing)
@ Rachel, let me see if I can help move us towards a practical, working definition by suggesting some performance standards.
For the last 15 years, I have gone on record saying:
' Today, the practical marketer’s Holy Grail is to get the right product, service, and/or message to the right person, at the right time, in the format the customer desires, while providing relevance and value in every contact. Unfortunately, in the communications activities of many organizations, marketing and sales efforts still are built with an inside-out perspective.'
If these points are in the correct realm of thought, i would suggest that 'World-class customer service' displays behaviorally, but in practical terms, the marketer's holy grail from an outside-in perspective. (please keep in mind those of you object to the M-word that for me 'all sales is marketing and all marketing is sales!).
Relevance and value are why customers buy and why they keep coming back is that we continue to provide value and relevance at each and every contact point across the entire dimension of prospect/customer relationship management.
hope that helps, best. ngp
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