What Is the Density of Concrete?


The concrete is made by a process of mixing different aggregates like pebbles or sand with water and cement and letting it harden through the process of hydration. The density of concrete is frequently 150 pounds per cubic foot (CF). The typical density of concrete is 2300 kilograms per cubic metre.
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well the density of concrete can vary from 2200kg/m. 3.2800kg/m. 3. but 2400kg/m. 3. is the most common.
The density of normal concrete is 2400 kg/m3 and the density of lightweight concrete
Identification As previously noted, density is how much mass is in a given volume. Expressed as an equation, it is density = mass/volume. Basically, it is how tightly packed matter
140 pounds per cubic foot.
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The density of concrete normally ranges between 90 and 125 pounds per cubic foot. However, when cured and fully-set, the final density of concrete is often 150 pounds per cubic foot. Concrete is an artificial material used for a number of different structural purposes.
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