What is a description of "agility" in sports?


Agility is the ability to change the direction of the body in an efficient and effective manner. To achieve this you require a combination of balance, speed, strength and co-ordination.
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any sport imparticular? Speed, Skill, Power, Accuracy, Balance.
If you're referring to physical ability, that's easy. Short-nosed, long backed, heavy bodied, and giant breeds can all have problems. Does that mean they can't do it? Absolutely not
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Hockey is a sport that requires maximum agility, you have to be fast on your skates and able to move around opponents while puck handling. Here is a feature that shows how you can
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Agility in sport is the ability to change the body direction effectively. This requires balance which is the ability to have equilibrium when moving, static balance to maintain the centre of mass and dynamic balance to maintain balance when moving the body.
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