What Is the Desert Ecosystem like?


Deserts host animals and plants living in what strikes many human as hostile environments. In most eco systems most plants compete for sunlight, but in deserts plants are adapted to shorten the effects of too much solar energy. The plants life cycles goes dormant as the desert conditions become unfavourable with time, making some plants to quickly germinate, renew and flower their species before annual moisture dries up.
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A desert ecosystem is a biological community of interacting organisms found in a dry, barren area of land that is normally covered with sand. These are plants and animals that are adapted to the oppressive environment associated with deserts. Most of these organisms have adapted to minimise the effects of excess solar energy.
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There are several scavengers in a desert ecosystem. The scavengers are the coyote, raven, golden eagle and vulture. ...
The desert ecosystem is comprised of many living plants and animals and nonliving components. Plants in the desert ecosystem include cactus, Joshua trees, wildflowers ...
There's lots of ways to learn and create desert ecosystems. Some of the best ways are to study it in a small shoebox. You can fill the shoebox with sand or dry ...
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