What Is the Devil's Hour?


The Devil's Hour is the time period around 3:00 AM. Some people say it is called this because Jesus supposedly died at 3:00 PM in the afternoon, and this time is the opposite, therefore when spirits are most active and powerful. Others contend that it's just a myth.
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the devils hour is 3.00 am, the opposite to that is 3.00pm which is the time Jesus passed.
The devil's hour is 3 a.m. According to Christian belief, Christ died at 3pm. The inverse
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3 AM to 4 AM is said to be the "Devil's Hour". Many say it's because people tend to die more often in this hour or experience supernatural occurrences.
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The witching hour is the time that some people believe is when the demonic spirits are most active. The devil's hour is considered 3 AM while midnight is believed ...
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