What Is the Difference Being a Certified Day Care Versus a Licensed Day Care?


There is a big difference between a licensed day care and a certified day care. A licensed day care has just passed the standards set by the state. A certified (or accredited) day care, on the other hand, has passed the stringent standards of the National Association for the Education of Young Children.
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Officials from the Florida Department of Children and Families complete an in-home inspection before issuing a license to a home day care. The provider of a registered home day care
Here in New Jersey, it is 5. INCLUDING your own. Each state is different.
There are a number of different license categories: Day Care Homes - Certification for two years Maximum number of children = 8; Group Family Day Care Homes - Licensed for one year
The primary difference between a licensed day care home and a group day care is the maximum number of children in care at any one time and the number of adults that must be providing
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