What Is the Difference between 10kt and 14kt?


The difference between 10kt and 14kt is that 10kt gold is 10 parts gold and 14 parts alloy while 14kt gold means that 14 parts of it is gold and 10 parts are alloy. 14kt gold has a nice, rich gold lustre and is durable enough compared to 10kt.
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A 10kt gold is the strongest, the higher weight in gold the softer the gold will be, thus a 10kt band ring would be stronger-the 14kt.
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Kt gold is pure but too soft to use, so it is mixed with other metals to strengthen it. 18Kt is 75% pure. It is the European standard. 14Kt is the most popular choice in the U.S.;
10 kt.
1. Look for the stamp mark on the piece of jewelry. Read the marks as follows (European markings are in parentheses) 24 Karat = pure gold. 18 Karat = 75% pure gold (750) 14 Karat
A 14 karat gold piece is worth more than a 10 karat gold piece. The 14 karat
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