What Is the Difference between 95 and 98 Invest on a Tropical Wave?


The difference between an Invest 95 and an Invest 98 us their locations. An Invest is a tropical disturbance that may later develop into a tropical storm. They are given a number that is only used as a label, followed by a letter that is used to determine where the storm is.
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The hurricane center gives an area they are investigating but is not yet a depression a number. That is so they can run the hurricane models on it for forecasting purposes.
Wavelength = (v/f) = 336/643, = 0.5225505 metre. (6.98/0.5225505) = 13.35756 wavelengths. (4.95/0.5225505) = 9.4728 wavelengths. Drop the full wavelengths, which are in phase. (4728
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