Difference between 18ct and 9ct Gold?


The difference between 9ct and 18ct gold is in the composition. An 18ct is stamped with either 18ct or 750, which means that 75 [percent is made up of pure gold, 12.5 percent is copper and 12.5 percent is silver. Whereas 9ct is stamped either 9ct or 375 and is made up of 37.5 percent of pure gold and 62.5 percent of copper and silver.
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18ct contains .750 parts pure gold and 22ct contains .916 pure gold.
I know that the lower the number, 9k as opposed to 24k, the harder the metal is. That is why you really don't want anything over 14k gold unless you are really gentle with you jewelry
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A 18ct is stamped with either 18ct or 750, this means that 75% is made up of pure gold and 12.5% is copper and 12.5 % is silver, whereas 9ct which is stamped either 9ct or 375 is made up of 37.5% of pure gold and 62.5 % of copper and silver.
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