What is the difference in length between a .38 S&W cartridge and a .38 special?


The case length for a .38 S&W is .775 inches and the diameter is .361 inches. The case length for the .38 Special is 1.155 inches and the diameter is .357 inches. They are not interchangeable due to the different shapes of the two casings.
1 Additional Answer
The .38 S&W cartridge is larger by .1mm for bullet diameter, .19mm for neck diameter, .22mm for base diameter, and .2mm for rim diameter compared to the .38 special cartridge. The .38 special's rim is thicker by .1mm compared to the .38 S&W. For case length, the .38 special is longer by 9.6mm, and 7.5mm longer for the overall length.
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