What Is the Difference between a 457 and 401k?


There are many differences between the 401 and 457. 457 k is plans for the municipal or governmental worker; while 401 K plan is for private industry. However, these are same in some cases.
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Check out this answer on TickerHound.com - I think it'll clear things up: http://www.tickerhound.com/questions/detail/200712b1e538e. Source(s) http://www.tickerhound.com/questions
403b is not as popular as 401k. Everybody seem to know what a 401k is because almost every employer offers it to their employees compared to a 403b.You can find more information here
The term 401K derives from one section of the Inland Revenue Service code that Congress added in 1978. The change allows employers to invest a portion of an employee's pay into a
A 403(b) is basically a tax sheltered annuity in the form of a retirement account. When you reach normal retirement age for a qualified account (55 years old), you can begin to withdraw
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