What Is the Difference between a 900 Watt Microwave and A1000 Watt Microwave?


It may seem as if the difference between a 900 watt microwave and a 1000 watt microwave is just 100 watts. However, the difference is in the cooking time. The shorter the cooking time, the smaller the difference is between a 900 watt versus a 1000 watt microwave. You can find more information here: http://www.microwavecookingforone.com/Charts/ChartSpecial53.html
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The higher wattage number the more powerful the microwave
1. Check the microwave's plug to make sure that its prongs are fully inserted into the outlet. 2. Unplug the microwave, then plug it back in. A power surge may have interrupted the
A 900 watt microwave will live quite comfortably on an ordinary (US) 20 amp circuit breaker supplying multiple 15 amp receptacles. A 20 amp breaker can support up to 2400 watt load,
Depends on the Make and model. Its a bit like buying a car, you buy an italian car (fiat, alpha) - its basically a car, but its going to rot and fall to bits in about 4 years. Whereas
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