What Is the Difference Between a Boa Constrictor & a Python?


Python. Both types of snakes can grow to great lengths and possess two lungs. They kill their prey by biting it and by wrapping their muscular coils around it. Then the snake squeezes the victim so tightly that it can no longer breathe, suffocating
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for one, anacondas. are. Boa constrictors. Boas give live birth and pythons lay eggs. Pythons have heat pits and boas do not. And for the most part, boas are found in the western
While the boas give birth to live offspring, the
Yes, Pythons and boas are distantly related, and no, neither Boas nor Pythons are venomous. They kill their prey by constriction. If memory serves me correctly; there are several
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There are three main differences between a Boa Constrictor and a Python. The Python has an extra bone in their head and more teeth. Pythons are also only found ...
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