What Is the Difference between a Chairman and CEO?


A ceo is the highest ranking executive in a company and deals with a company's overall growth. He is also known as the managing Director, president and will often have a seat on the board while a chairman is elected by a company's board of directors and ensures that a consensus is achieved at board meetings.
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The Chairman leads the board & facilitates the oversight role of the the board by running the board & general meetings. The Chairman must evaluate the performance of CEO &
The chairman is the president and owns the company, he has shares. The ceo (chief executive officer) is hired by the company and the board of directors to run the company. The ceo
The IBM Chairman and CEO is Samuel J. Palmisano. "
The main duties required of a CEO include directing and coordinating the budget and financial activities of a company in order to maximize investments, increase efficiency and fund
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Within a company, a CEO (Chief Executive Officer) has the ultimate executive responsibility within the company. The company chairman on the other hand is the presiding officer of the Board of Directors of that Company. The functions of the two may relate or differ even further on the constitution of each company.
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