What Is the Difference between a Symphony and a Concerto?


The main difference between a concerto and a symphony is that a concerto is a musical piece where there is a solo instrument accompanied by an entire orchestra whereas a symphony is a musical piece having several segments that usually involve an orchestra.
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Concerto a composition for one or more principal instruments,
Um a whole ERA of music.i mean Bach is Baroque and Haydn is Classical.I'm most certain that Concerti are for a soloist with orchestra in 3 movements and symphonies are just orchestra
The difference. Essentially there is no difference between a philharmonic orchestra and a symphony orchestra. Both are made up of the same types of instruments and are capable of
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A symphony is a complex musical composition for full orchestra, usually in four movements, where at least one is traditionally in sonata form. Concerto is a musical composition for a solo instrument or instruments that are accompanied by an orchestra, especially one that's conceived on a relatively large scale.
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