Difference between Deed and Title?


The main difference between a deed and a title is that the title shows the rights which a person is entitled to, while a deed is a legal instrument which is referred to when conferring these rights. Simply put, the title only shows the ownership, while the deed is the formal, legal document which can transfer property ownership.
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What Is the Difference Between a Deed & a Title?
The terms "title" and "deed" are sometimes used interchangeably; however, depending on the transaction that is to be completed a title or a deed may be used. Personal property strictly uses titles. Real estate uses deeds, and the title of the real estate... More »
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A deed is a formal written instrument that transfers the title of a real property from one person to another. There are five types of deeds namely quitclaim deed, deed in lieu of foreclosure, warranty deed, deed of trust and a tax deed. A title on the other hand, shows clear evidence that the property is owned by the individual whose name is on the title.
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