What Is the Difference between a Dove and a Pigeon?


The difference between pigeons and doves lies in their size. Doves are smaller and have a pointed tail as compared to the pigeons that are larger in size and have rounded tail. Large pigeons way up to weigh up to 4 kilograms while doves can way as little as 22 grams.
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Scientifically there is no difference between pigeons and doves. Both belong to the Dove family, the Columbidae, of which there are 290 species. Doves and pigeons have smooth feathers
The words "pigeon" and "dove" are usually used interchangeably to refer to a set of species of birds in the genus "Columbidae" People who use them separately
A pigeon is a type of dove. What we call 'pigeons' are actually Rock Dove (Columba livia), a member of the Columbidae family, which includes pigeons and doves. Embed Quote
Doves are generally sleeker and smaller with pointed tails, while
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What Is the Difference Between Pigeons & Doves?
Pigeons and doves are both common names that cause confusion, as the rock dove is the same as a common pigeon, but there are many different species of doves. Identify a bird by its scientific name when looking for differences between species with... More »
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