Difference between a Hill and a Mountain?


The difference between a mountain and a hill is that a mountain is characterized by a summit and hill does not have a summit. A hill is a natural and small elevation of the surface of the earth. Mountain is also a natural elevation but it attains an altitude greater than a hill.
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A mountain is a hill over 2000 feet (609.8m) in height. Anything under that is considered a hill.
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Technically a mountain must exceed a specific height. I believe it must reach 1000 feet? Generically mountains are steeper terrain.
A valcano has, or has had lava in it, a hill does not.
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Common definitions for mountains include a minimum height between 1,000 and 2,500 meters (3,300 to 8,200 feet) and minimum slope of 2 to 5 degrees, though there is no universally accepted definition.
, a mountain must be over 600 meters (1969 feet) or over 300 meters (984 feet
The difference between a hill and a mountain is that a hill is a small and a natural elevation of the earth's surface, while a mountain is a very large and natural elevation of the earth's surface. A mountain usually attains an altitude greater than that of a hill. Another difference is that a hill doesn't have a summit while a mountain has.
A mountain is presumed to be 1000 feet and more and a hill to be below that height. People talk about summiting mountain since they are large and difficult to climb as compared to hills which are easily climbed and less steep.
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