What Is the Difference between a Humidifier and a Dehumidifier?


A humidifier is a device that is constructed to add moisture to the excessive dry air whereas a dehumidifier on the other hand is a device that takes the excessive moisture from the air.
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What Is the Difference Between a Humidifier & a Dehumidifier?
Keeping proper air moisture inside your home is a delicate balance. Too much or too little moisture can cause health problems, as well as problems for the structure of your home itself. The air where you live may naturally be too low or too high in... More »
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Air purifiers are used to clean the indoor air and are available in different forms such as activated carbon, ozone, HEPA and UV whereas humidifiers are used to ...
The difference between warm- and cool-mist humidifiers, according to the Mayo Clinic, is merely the humidifiers' temperatures. Warm mist humidifiers heat water ...
Humidifiers and vaporizers both add moisture to the air but they both do it in very different ways. A humidifier is different than a vaporizer because it adds ...
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