What Is the Difference between a Map and a Globe?


The first difference between a map and a globe is a physical one: a map is a flat, two-dimensional representation of a particular geographical region or regions, and a globe is a three-dimensional representation of the entire world. A map is more limited than a globe in terms of its geographical scope, and it aims to give a realistic representation of a country, a region of a country or the world, or a particular city. The purpose of a map is to give detail, such as the location of roads, rivers, streets, and so on. Many maps include landmarks or some description of the geographical terrain. While a globe provides a picture of the entire world, unlike maps, they limit themselves to basic information, like countries' names, oceans and seas, some important rivers, and mountains.
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A map is a two-dimensional representation of a certain region of the world where as a globe is a three-dimensional representation of the whole world. Whereas a map gives a detailed representation of a particular part of the world characterized by description of routes, roads and structures, the globe is characterized by details such as longitudes, latitudes and climatic conditions of the various areas. Generally, they both depict the planet earth.
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