What Is the Difference between a Memory Stick and a Flash Drive?


The main difference between flash drive and memory stick is that while flash drive is used for storing files, pictures, videos, and others ( mainly useful for storing files), a memory stick is used for high definition pictures and videos (mainly useful for storing pictures and videos).
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Different forms of memory vary in their speed of transferring stored files from an external device. Obtain an older high-end Sony digital camera and it may contain proprietary Sony
Memory Stick (note capitals) is a Sony brand name for a memory device used mostly in Sony cameras, it is vey flat in shape, almost like a small chewing gum stick. A flash drive is
A USB flash drive is a data storage device that consists
Nat and JimiV are exactly right!, they are just a different choice of words, that could even be effected by which country you are from, I am from Australia and most people here call
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A flash drive is a USB device used to store files like pictures, videos, text. It is also called a pen drive. A Memory Stick on the other hand is a brand name for a memory device, flat in shape, mostly used in cameras. A memory stick is therefore used to store high definition videos and pictures.
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Yes you can use a flash drive on the new xbox 360 as a memory card, just insert the usb stick into the xbox and reformat it under the memory tab to work with xbox ...
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