What Is the Difference between a Mule and an Ass?


The difference between a mule and an ass is that a mule is a cross breed or offspring of an ass and a female horse. The other name for ass is donkey and they are animals used to do heavy work on a farm. A mule is a sterile hybrid animal.
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With their similar sounds and nearly identical appearances, donkeys and mules are easily mistaken for one another. However, there are several differences between the two animals and
Wild donkeys are called African Wild Ass, while domesticated donkeys are known as donkeys. First answer by ID2909827752. Last edit by Haustin1990. Contributor trust: 30 [recommend
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A jackass is a male donkey. A mule comes from a male donkey and
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The mule is a sterile, hybrid animal, the result of a donkey (ass) and a horse mare breeding. Mules are often used as pack animals while the ass or donkey is a species of the horse genus and often domesticated for work purporses
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