What Is the Difference between a Pit Bull and a Boxer?


Pitbulls and boxers are two different breeds of dogs. Boxers are normally taller and slender with a vaguely different jaw line, while Pitbull dogs are massive, generally muscular, stockier and slightly shorter than a boxer.
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i have one.she has the narrow nose & body type of a lab but her eyes & coloring is similiar to a pit bull.she is primarily black but from underneath ur neck to her chest has
American pit bull terriers are muscular, medium-sized dogs with above-average athleticism, strength and gameness. They were bred as hunting and working dogs. Although some breeders
They are completely different breeds of dogs. One difference
They both come from a group a ancient dogs mossli, I think but not sure. I know they frist came from Crete. There is a lot of differenc besides size. Yes they do look like some pit
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One of the differences between a put bull and a boxer is that boxers are taller and more slender most of the time. Pitbull dogs are massive usually in muscle and slightly shorter and more stocky in build than Boxers.
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