What Is the Difference between a Pit Bull and a Boxer?


Pitbulls and boxers are two different breeds of dogs. Boxers are normally taller and slender with a vaguely different jaw line, while Pitbull dogs are massive, generally muscular, stockier and slightly shorter than a boxer.
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One of the differences between a put bull and a boxer is that boxers are taller and more slender most of the time. Pitbull dogs are massive usually in muscle and slightly shorter and more stocky in build than Boxers.
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they both have a strong bite but pit bulls are grumppier but boxers are way bigger so they mite both loose.
They actually look similar for a good reason, which is that the Boxer was from the beginning bred from "working Bulldogs" of old (German Bullenbeisser and the English Bulldog
1. Go to a pit bull website or the American Kennel Club's website in order to find details about pit bull breed types and colors. Blue nose pit bulls can be in any color, but are
It depends if they are the same age.In my opinion the pit would win
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There is not really a difference between the red nose and blue nose pit bull. The only real difference is the noticeable color. A red nose pit carries a recessive ...
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