What Is the Difference between a Pixie and a Fairy?


Pixies are little people with wings and are slightly smaller than fairies. They live in gardens and eat a diet of nectar and pollen, and can live for fifteen to twenty years. Fairies, on the other hand, are said to have magical powers, such as the ability to bestow gifts of beauty, wealth, kindness and intelligence, and are said to live on hills or under water.
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The difference between a pixie and a fairy is that pixies desire to have their own land away from people and prefer working as gardeners for themselves. Fairy is a small immortal being that has wings and is larger than pixies. Fairies prefer living on hills, or underwater.
The difference between pixies and fairies is that pixies live in gardens while fairies are known to live under the water or in the hills. Pixies are four inches tall while fairies are about 6 inches tall. In terms of territory, the pixies are seen to be in a constant fight with fairies.
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