What Is the Difference between a Policy and a Strategy?


Policy is the spheres or scope within which decisions are taken by the subordinates in a company or organisation. Strategy is an action that managers and directors take to achieve one or more of the company's goals.
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Policies are guidelines; they give the function its licence and character. Policies often cover staff expectations, roles and processes in an organisation. A strategy is a high level plan. It sets out aims to achieve, how it will respond to organisational requirements, type of training and development that will be provided, and how the budget will be allocated, etc.
The difference between strategy and policy is that policy is a set of guiding rules intended to influence decisions and actions that reflect agreed practice in terms of power while strategy is a high level of approach to an issue that is designed to deliver change by implementing policies.
A policy is a set of guiding rules or principles that are intended to influence the way an organization is run or managed. A strategy, on the other hand, is the high level approach to an issue that is intended to produce change through implementation of a policy. The basic difference, therefore, between the two is that a policy is just a statement rather than an action plan meant to realize change.
The major difference between Policy and strategy is that Policy refers to a guide to the thinking and action of those who make decisions while strategy is more of the direction in which human and physical resources will be deployed and applied with the aim of maximizing the chance of achieving desired objectives especially in the face of difficulties.
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