What Is the Difference between a Shire Horse and a Clydesdale?


The difference between a Shire horse and a Clydesdale is that, Clydesdales have so much hair on their legs, but they are smaller with a height of about 1.7 m tall. Contrary to this, Shire horses stand over 1.9 m tall and their weight is averagely 1000 kg.
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The difference between a Clydesdale horse and a
Shires were used to develop Clydesdales, so they are similar, but Shires tend to be heavier bodied, and stand taller on average. Clydesdales also have a strong overo/sabino gene,
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Historians trace the origin of the breed back to the mid-18th century in Scotland. Native horses used for farming were crossed with Flemish stallions to produce a much larger, stronger
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The Clydesdale is a breed of heavy draft horse developed in and deriving its name from the district in Scotland where it was founded, while shires are black, brown, bay or grey, usually with a blaze and some white markings on their lower legs. The long hair below their knees and hocks remains a characteristic feature.
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