What Is the Difference between Adsl1 and Adsl2?


The assymetrical digital line is a form of high speed internet access service. An adsl2 has twice the speed of adsl1 but fairly slow for those who want to use modern software programmes.
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The differences between the ADSL1 and ADSL2 include: the two have different download speeds, where by ADSL 1 download speed is limited to 8Mb where is that of ADSL2 is infinite the second difference is that, ADSL2 is a residential grade service while the ADSL1 's performance depends on the best effort. The third primary difference between the two is that the latter may ‘drop out more’, because of its susceptibility to interference, while ADSL1's drop rate is very small, because of its less sensitivity to interference, line noise and attenuation.
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