What Is the Difference between Aftershave and Eau De Toilette?


Aftershave is a lotion, gel or powder used mainly by men after they have finished the act of shaving while eau de toilette is a lightly scented perfume used as a skin freshener. Aftershave is usually splashed on after you finish shaving and eau de toilette is usually sprayed on and is usually stronger.
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aftershave is what you put on after you shave. eau de toilette is cologne. Source(s): guessing.
In all fragrances there is oil with the essence in it and alcohol. The essence oils can't be used pure. From maximum oil essence to minimum, the order is: Perfume Eau de Perfume Eau
Answer 1 There is no 'perfume cologne', there are perfumes made in cologne. The famous 4711 is a Eau de Cologne (EdC). It is refreshing and you can use a lot more. 4711 has come into
Eau de Parfum is more concentrated and lasts longer than
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The difference between an Aftershave and Eau de Toilette is that the former contains less perfume oil (around (1%-3%), therefore the scent is not as long lasting as an Eau de Toilette, while Eau de Toilette contains more perfume oil, typically around 4%-8%. Aftershaves only last for about 2-3 hours while Eau de Toilettes last much longer, around 6-8 hours.
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