Similarities between Crocodiles and Alligators?


There are various differences between crocodiles and alligators some of them include; crocodiles can be found every where in the world, but alligators are found in some parts of china and in the south-eastern region of US. Crocodiles have a thin snout while the snout of an alligator is broad, and the alligators' teeth are not visible when the mouth is shut while those of a crocodile are visible.
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Crocodiles are from the crocodylidae family, while alligators are from the alligatoridae family. Alligators have a very broad, wide snout, and crocodiles have a narrower snout and jaw. Also crocodiles often have a lower tooth that juts out noticeably, while an alligator’s fourth tooth is hidden.
Even though alligators and crocodiles do look similar, they have distinct differences. Alligators have a wide 'U'-shaped, rounded snout whereas crocodiles tend to have longer and more pointed 'V'-shaped noses. Alligators also have an upper jaw that is wider than the lower jaw and completely overlaps it while in crocodiles, the upper jaw and lower jaw are just about the same width hence teeth in the lower jaw fit along the margin of the upper jaw when the mouth is closed. It is also important to note that there are also differences in behaviour which are also apparent in these two reptiles.
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From wikipedia: While alligators (and caimans) are often confused with crocodiles, they belong to two quite separate taxonomic families. The most
1. Alligators and crocodiles are both reptiles. The reptile order "crocodylia" encompasses all the known alligators, crocodiles, and caimans, sorted into about 25 different
Crocodiles and Alligators have distinct evolutionary histories for starters. Both are members of an a group of crocodylomorphs that radiated from archosaurs (that group includes dinosaurs
Crocodiles and alligators - two creatures that share many
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The difference between agiillators and crocodiles is that alligators have wider, U-shaped snouts, while crocodiles' front ends are more pointed and V-shaped. The ...
The difference between an alligator and a crocodile is their jaw and teeth formation. Whilst crocodile have a longer protruding mouth and longer set of teeth,alligator ...
The difference between alligator and crocodile is that alligators have wider, U-shaped snouts, while crocodiles' front ends are more pointed and V-shaped. The ...
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