Difference between Aim and Objective?


The difference between an aim and an objective is that an aim is a general statements that identifies the target of a program while an objective is a more specific target set in order to achieve the goal. The main difference however lies in terms of specification where an objective is specific while an aim is general. In conclusion, an aim is the goal set while an objective is the measurement that is undertaken in order to achieve an aim.
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The difference between aims and objectives is that aims are a general statement about what you wish to achieve while objectives are specific measurable targets that can be ticked off once achieved. In a layman's language, aims are the goals set and objectives are the measurements which are undertaken to achieve the aims.
The difference between aims and objectives is that aims are general statements of intentions while objectives are based on the specific statements about something. Aims deal with the broad or common picture while objectives are concerned with the particular or definite event or state.
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